Dear Getup: Poisoning of our Water supplies

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TITLE: Dear Getup: Poisoning of our Water supplies

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Water crossbones
Dear Getup

Concerns with Fluoridation of Australians

Fluoride was introduced into our drinking water in 1956. Sixty years ago, 1 in 10,000 contracted cancer, today it is 1 in 3 and getting close to 1 in 2. As the Sodium Fluoride (the industrial grade toxic waste resulting from the production of phosphates and aluminum) added to our water supply has been linked to cancers, this may be one reason for the frightening increase in cancer suffers in this country. Furthermore, this toxic waste has been linked to many health problems, including Heart disease, Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, lower IQ in children, early puberty, depression, Arthritis, see:

For some years Fluoride has been banned in a number of countries as it is classified as a S7 poison and considered harmful to the general public, see:

Furthermore, it is apparent that the Australian Government is aware of the harmful affects of this mass medication of our people, otherwise why have some States passed legislation to protect them against prosecution see:

It is apparent that the body responsible (Environmental Protection Authority) for issuing licences also has concerns about the safety of this toxic waste both here in Australia and in the United States:

The Environmental Protection Authority has been given the role of assessing whether drinking a toxic poison is safe for our community. Yet it is being stated that the Fluoride is being added to our water supply for health reasons. I have written confirmation the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has never tested Fluoride to ensure it is “safe and effective” and does not consider Fluoride to be a Therapeutic Good. It is illegal to dump this toxic waste into our rivers and oceans because of the environmental harm it would cause. However, it is legal for the Health authorities to force councils to put it into our water supply:

As fluoride has been scientifically proven to be an accumulative poison, it is impossible to ascertain the medical health risks it imposes on Australians exposed to this toxic waste over time. It is not only the drinking water that is a problem, but the water used in processed foods, for bathing, hand washing, etc.. Furthermore, the bulk of this water (99%) finishes up in the environment through agriculture, domestic watering of plants and lawns, laundries and toilets, and it gets into the food chain when used to manufacture processed foods and drinks:

To discover the truth about this serious health risk visit the following links:

There are many other Websites revealing the truth about the poisoning of our water supplies and environment. But don’t expect the Government to do anything about it, as they are frightened that Australians will riot in the streets once they become aware of this systematic poisoning.

This is not a problem for someone else, it affects everyone living in this country and we all need to take action to put a stop to a shameful practice that is heading toward the genocide of ourselves and our loved ones. I have been drinking this poison for more than 50 years and in 1976 I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30 and experienced a heart attack in 2010 at the age of 64.

I no longer drink this poison, but I still have exposure in other ways. I am 66 years old so I am in the twilight years of my life. My main concern is for my children, grandchildren and the populace as a whole.

John T


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