Response to “Brisbane dentist says Bundy is fighting science on fluoride”

TITLE: Response to “Brisbane dentist says Bundy is fighting science on fluoride”


DATE WRITTEN: 12th January, 2013

STATUS: Pending

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below

To: The Editor – NewsMail – BUNDABERG

Dear Editor

It is not to any dentist’s credit (Dr Michael Foley’s in this instance) to lightly dismiss (the now 36 human) studies that have found a connection between lowered IQ and fluoride.

After reviewing 27 of these studies, a team of Harvard scientists concluded that fluoride’s effect on the young brain should now be a “high research priority.”

Backing those studies, are over 40 animal studies showing that prolonged exposure to varying levels of fluoride can damage the brain; particularly when coupled with iodine deficiency, or aluminum excess.

Modern dentistry utilizes fluoride in countless numbers of oral cavities on a daily basis.  Some practitioners even recommend swallowing fluoridated mouth rinses.

How disastrous for the dental industry if it were officially accepted that fluoride, from all sources, was contributing to children’s poor academic performances.

Yours truly

Ailsa Boyden


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