Hey ASWLA…. you see… people watch what we write…

GENRE: Open Email

TITLE: Hey ASWLA…. you see… people watch what we write…


DATE WRITTEN: 6th January, 2013,  4:01 PM

STATUS: No response necessary

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below

To: Daniel Z

Hey, Dan (and S)…

I’ve been reading your posts for weeks, keeping aware of the fluoridation issue. But, until now, I’ve done no personal research. What caught my eye was your comment, Dan, about the toxicity of fluorides. I decided to find out just how toxic the stuff is.

I looked at this site, which has many claims about how bad it is. The meat for that site is contained in a number of links there, however.

One of which is this one, about which I’m sure you both know:

And, which led me onto another comprehensive site that I’m still reading.

Along the way, I hit wikipedia for basic info about fluoridation in Australia.

In the last few hours, I’ve educated myself about the risks posed which, over the long term, can be injurious to health. That much is clear.

Perhaps you could enlighten me about a few questions:

Do you know the actual reasons for introduction into Australia in 1953? (As a boy, I recall my parents discussing it).

Do you know why Queensland was the sole holdout for so many years?

What is the specific link, in Australia, between business and government that ensures continuation of water fluoridation? The mining industry? Agriculture?

How can it be in Australia that, if industrial grade fluorides are so toxic, they are still added at so-called “safe” levels – especially when most other developed countries have ceased the practice?

Other thoughts are milling around. Including this piece of irony: for years, I’ve studied the nuclear industry and nuclear physics as a, hmmm, informative hobby. Long ago, I learnt that uranium hexafluoride (aka yellow cake) is the basis for enriching uranium to HEU235 (bomb grade highly enriched uranium). Yellow cake is deadly radioactive. And I thought the ONLY toxicity therein was the uranium! LOL.

Learn something new every day, and then some.



One comment on “Hey ASWLA…. you see… people watch what we write…

  1. Roger, please tell others what you’ve learned. It’s surprising how much ignorance there still is about fluoridation, and the more people who know the truth, the better our chance of stopping this insanity.

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