Examples of ‘Fluoride bomb’

GENRE: Email Article

TITLE: Examples of ‘Fluoride bomb’


DATE SENT: Sat, Jan 5, 2013 at 4:57 PM

STATUS: Submitted by Ailsa; published by ASWLA

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Examples of ‘Fluoride bomb’ L to R; top to bottom:

fluoride bombs

Photo 1:  minute decay in crown crevices.

Photo 2:  treatment underway.

Photo 3:  decay greater than surface appearance indicated.

Photo 4:  teeth repaired – at what expense?

At least two Australian dental websites admit to ‘Fluoride Bombs’ being an unintended consequence of water fluoridation (because fluoride-hard enamel cracks):


http://www.shoredental.com.au/fissure-sealants-and-preventive-resin-restorations.html & http://www.dentistmidland.com.au/faqs-cosmetic-dentist-in-midland-wa.php#19

Click here http://www.fluorideresearch.org/404/files/FJ2007_v40_n4_p214-221.pdf to read the published article from which the photos were sourced.

Health professionals will not tell you about ‘Fluoride bombs’; nor will they tell you of other adverse effects of chronically ingesting low levels of industrial-waste fluoride which is euphemistically called a by-product.

Ailsa B


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