Concerns re: Fluoride

GENRE: Email thread

TITLE: Concerns re: Fluoride

TO: Wayne Moran – Chief of Staff – Office of the Mayor – Gold Coast City Council


DATE LAST EMAIL SENT: 4 January 2013 16:42

STATUS: Awaiting response, as of 5th January, 2012

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below.


Bcc: Various lists

Wayne Moran – Chief of Staff – Office of the Mayor – Gold Coast City Council

Thank you Wayne for your response, much appreciated.Understanding costs and benefits is truly not the real issue as there are zero benefits.The people of Queensland were never asked by way of a State referendum if they wanted their families ( non voters) to be mass medicated with Rat Poison.

It is my Will that you convey this fact to those in the discussion and decision making forum.

Do you not think that its time Australians in a position to do so, told Global Corporations to dump their toxins in their own territories?

International Trading Treaties are destroying our nation by the second, and our nations leaders and bureaucracies who cow tow to their demands will eventually be held accountable, maybe not within my lifetime, but when Aussie men and women finally wake up to the antics of politicians, I know I wouldn’t want my signature on any of these laws and regulations.

There is a sea of factual data available on Sodium Fluoride, and it flies in the face of the faceless few who will lie for money and funding to further an agenda.

I look forward to a positive ZERO SODIUM FLUORIDE dosing policy being implemented forthwith.

Hal R (Auth Rep)



Bcc: Various lists

Wayne Moran – Chief of Staff
Office of the Mayor
Gold Coast City Council

Good morning Wayne

I’ve just received this email from my friend Hal & am 100% in support of the contents of his email.

I would be very interested that your council provide me in a reasonable and equitable time, even one benefit ascribed to sodium fluoride and the fluoridation of ANY public waterways to the general population being fluoridated.

There is certainly much evidence to the contrary, that fluoridation has no benefit (except perhaps to the elitists who may wish to poison the general population and eliminate a few people) and is actually harmful to the end user.

Fortunately I don’t receive the councils tainted water but have my own water supply.
However, many people I care about are receiving the council’s fluoridated water.
My will is that you tell your council to instantly cease further fluoridation of the Gold Coast water supply.

UNLESS you and all those in the decision making process provide me, and all enquiries, a duly sworn affidavit stating the fluoridated water supply is harmless to the consumer and will not harm, cause disease, illness or death to any consumer. In your and their affidavit you will also be required to enter a statement that YOU/THEY accept personally ALL liability for every consumer and rate payer that has become or will become sick, ill, nauseous has or will die as a result of your council’s fluoridation of its water supply.

I am sending this to my 1000 people database in south east Queensland so that your office may get a few more written communications showing the genuine dissatisfaction, concern and anger of your rate payers and consumers of your poisoned water.

Wayne, no offence is intended by this email. Simply put, we the people are standing up for our inherent rights and placing YOU and the members of your Council (NOT LOCAL GOVERNMENT), our servants, on NOTICE that we are not tolerating an agenda to poison or otherwise harm the general population for which you have a duty of care to protect. I suggest you check with your legal department what the penalties are for breach of fiduciary duty, as trustees, negligence, nonfeasance, misfeasance, malfeasance and potentially conspiring with others to commit genocide!

Perhaps you are not aware of the effects of fluoridation. Do you not have a duty of care, now you have been made aware and have knowledge, to investigate it for the welfare and protection of your rate payers? You are very part liable for the damages fluoridation causes as other decision makers in your council.

I look forward to receiving your affidavit Wayne. Of course, if I don’t receive it from you in a reasonable time, it will be taken that you fully appreciate the effects of fluoridation and don’t wish to take liability for it should the fluoridation program not cease immediately. Your problem is, being in public office and supposedly looking after your rate payers health and other interests, you are already liable for breach of fiduciary duty.

No-one involved in supporting the fluoridation agenda have been charged yet, so as to afford them an opportunity to stop the program and correct their (perhaps unintentional or unknowing, but I doubt it) dishonour of harming the public who consume your fluoridated water

Have a wonderful day and year in 2013

By  Mark A P
In own right


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