Goondiwindi resident vehemently objects to water pollution fluoridation

GENRE: Email Correspondence

TO:  Goondiwindi Regional Council, QLD

TITLE: Goondiwindi resident vehemently objects to water pollution/fluoridation

AUTHOR: Ray Howe

DATE OF ORIGINAL: Thu, Dec 6, 2012

STATUS: No response, as of 2nd January, 2013

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below.


To: Goondiwindi Regional Council –

I would like people to know how much it is costing US to have the water supplies poisoned, town, state, country.

It is costing Goondiwindi $350,000 to get sick !

A sad disgrace.

Kind regards to all,

Ray Howe




From: Diane Drayton Buckland

To: Ray Howe

Date: Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 7:15 PM

Dear Ray,

Thank you for contacting me, yes it is an absolute disgrace.  I realise so many people are furious and stunned that this has happened to the population and they’re not prepared to stand by and let it continue.

I have bcc’d some of my colleagues with your email.  I take it you have emailed Campbell Newman, Lawrence Springborg,  Goondiwindi Regional Council and others with your vehement objection to being chronically poisoned/drugged.  No doubt there are many in your town who know the ‘truth’ of water pollution/fluoridation – get as many to kick up a stink as well with the Council, and if some of your people don’t know the truth of ‘water pollution/fluoridation’  – we can help you get that truth to them if you need help with information.

[… personal comment removed…]

In the meantime Ray, please feel free to contact spokesperson for Queenslanders for Safe Water, Food & Air Inc. Merilyn Haines    Email:

Ray, in the meantime also, here is the Stanthorpe border post news have only published one comment and they would have received loads of them, try your luck with posting your comment and seeing if they publish it link here:

You could also post your comment here:

and also here,if you would like:

Diane Drayton Buckland – Kallangur, Queensland
Independent Researcher/Activist


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