Deceptive Tactics used by F Proponents! Comment by Dr Doug Everingham MB, BS

GENRE: Email letter / Comment

TITLE:  DECEPTIVE Tactics used by F Proponents!

AUTHOR: Dr Doug Everingham MB, BS former MHR for Capricornia – Australia Minister for Health 1972-75

DATE WRITTEN: Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 6:50 PM

STATUS: Sent to ASWLA by Jay-Mah Research Division

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below.

Hi Jay-Mah,

I share your condemnation of harmful, risky, ill-informed, unscientific fluoridation promotion, implementation and industrial motivation involved. I do not think it helps us to persuade undecided people that the fluoridation industry and its supporters are necessarily tyrants, crooks or quacks.  Many are, but many are rather sick, some even as revolted by our views as some of us may be by theirs, some of them deluded, brainwashed  or victims of highly intelligent but rich, powerful, greedy propagandists, public relations experts and mass media.  This is what I wrote to you recently, hoping my former home city (Rockhampton) might resist recent fluoridation plans.

After half a century of public debate I conclude that the probability, validity, reliability and other tests so far by the most STATISTICALLY SCIENTIFIC, rigorous, in depth  analysis has failed to demonstrate ON BALANCE the case for prevalent water fluoridation techniques.  World and national authorities INCLUDING many of those implementing water fluoridation repeatedly warn that there is no unequivocal evidence for or against the still inconclusive conclusions.  Political authorities apply the precautionary principle (first do no harm) to most unproved treatments but reject this when powerful interests find it enormously costly to dispose harmlessly of fluoride compounds that are dispersed across environments  profitably in  water fluoridation.

They have persuaded industrial, financial, commercial, dental, medical,  journalistic, political and other professional and public opinion that  not they, but their opponents, use rhetoric for reason.

You may quote me.

– Doug Everingham  MB, BS

Former MHR for Capricornia. Australia Minister for Health 1972-75.


One comment on “Deceptive Tactics used by F Proponents! Comment by Dr Doug Everingham MB, BS

  1. Dr. Doug Everingham is a man of courage and integrity for speaking this truth! Unfortunately, the current “Health” Ministers of Australia display no such qualities on this issue. Readers may also wish to check out this important article on our blog – Citizens are Being Misled, September 18, 2009 [ ] – of which Dr. Everingham was a co-author.

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