Attn. Cr Paul Taylor – Re: Your comments (Dec. 16, 2012)

GENRE: Email

TITLE: Attn. Cr Paul Taylor – Re: Your comments (Dec. 16, 2012)

AUTHOR: Daniel Z

DATE WRITTEN: 16th December, 2012


STATUS: Unreplied to, as of 24th December, 2012

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FURTHER READING: ISBN: 9781603582872 The Case Against Fluoride (Connett, Beck & Micklem)

Attn: Cr Paul Taylor –

Dear Cr Taylor,

Firstly, allow me to congratulate you on having the courage and the integrity to move away from the draconian attitude displayed by your State Government in recent years, on the issue of mandatory water fluoridation. I quote your comments below, taken from a Dec. 16, 2012 article:

“I am of two minds. Personally I do not think fluoride is good for overall health, but it seems to benefit kids’ teeth. I will go with what the people want.” [ source: ]

My response to your comments:

a) You are correct to raise health concerns about fluoride/fluoridation [ refer to: ]

b) You should be commended for your pro-choice/democratic approach;

c) Unfortunately, you seem to have been misled on the alleged ‘benefits’ of water fluoridation [ learn the truth here: ]

In addition to the presentation I have linked in response to point c) – above – please also note the following words (taken from a book review):

“The Evidence of Ineffectiveness: In this section the authors present a detailed examination of the literature on the efficacy (or rather lack of efficacy) of water fluoridation. Their findings, which include International data on dental caries over a number of years from various countries, both fluoridated and nonfluoridated, are mirrored by the September 2000 York Report, A Systematic Review of Water Fluoridation.1 It is clear that the improvement in dental health preceded the introduction of water fluoridation and has continued in those countries that have not fluoridated. Graphical evidence shows the lack of correlation between dental health and fluoridation status. In addition, a very important confounder not addressed in many dental studies is the positive correlation between average income and dental health. Older and more recent studies (since 1980) are discussed in detail, and the overall conclusion is that the claims for the effectiveness of fluoridation in protecting against tooth decay are greatly overstated. [ full review: ]

If you want to learn about water fluoridation in greater detail, I highly recommend obtaining a copy of the book in question [ ISBN: 9781603582872 ].

If you are short on time, however, you may prefer to view the following free video – Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation – a powerful indictment of the water fluoridation program through interviews with a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, three scientists from the National Research Council’s landmark review on fluoride, as well as dentists, medical doctors, and leading researchers in the field:

I hope this email finds you well.


Daniel Z


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