Sincere Plea to Senator Sue Boyce – STOP FLUORIDATION

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TITLE: Sincere Plea to Senator Sue Boyce – STOP FLUORIDATION


DATE SENT: Tue, 18 Dec 2012  16:38:05 +1000

STATUS: No response, as of 1st January, 2013

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FURTHER READING: The Case Against Fluoride (Connett, Beck, Micklem)(2010)

To: Senator Sue Boyce <>


Dear Senator Boyce

Please help to stop fluoridation, which is a violation of human rights to choose whether to be medicated or not.  There are too many sub-groups in the population that are having adverse health effects from accumulating toxic levels of fluoride.  This cannot be controlled because with fluoridation you can’t control the dose.  The therapeutic claims for reduction of caries in children are irrelevant when the gravity of mass medication and potential poisoning to toxic levels of population sub-groups is considered. 

Fluoride accumulates in the body over time, and it is now pervasive in the food supply.  Therefore we get large exposures when all the sources are now considered.  Ask the ADA about that one.  They are not toxicology experts.  But expert toxicologists from around the world are warning that fluoride levels in tissue cells can accumulate to toxic levels, causing a host of degenerative diseases such as thyroid disease, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, hypercalaemia and more.  That is because fluoride acts as a systemic poison.  It inhibits enzyme activity in every cell.  It is not a nutrient.  It is a toxic chemical.  As for those doctors who support fluoridation, challenge them to read this book:

Silicofluoride Chemicals are POISON (S7)

REFERENCE:  Westendorf’s Research on Incomplete Dissociation of Silicofluorides Under Physiological Conditions
Phyllis Mullenix,PhD discusses the toxicity of water fluoridation IAOMT 2009

If you want to swallow industrial fluoride I don’t deny your right to choose (just put it in a labelled container and regulate it like other medications), but don’t force it on people who make a conscientious decision not to have it. You should give people freedom of choice. That doesn’t mean the choice of buying an expensive fluoride filter (reverse osmosis)… You remember what happened to Marie Antoinette when she said, “Let them eat cake.”  Our pensioners are the most vulnerable and chemically sensitive, yet they are the least able to afford such expensive equipment.  Fluoridation discriminates against the poor and infirm.

Fluoridation is certainly not ‘safe’ as touted and there is a growing army of scientists and health professionals from around the world calling for the end of this archaic practice from the 50’s:

The rest of the world is stopping.  Europe is 99% fluoridation free and the US has recently legislated to reduce to .7ppm.  One city after another is voting to stop altogether.  USA is now less than 70% fluoridated, which is much less than Australia. More and more Canadian cities are also voting to stop.  Australia looks like becoming the fluoride toxic waste dumping ground of the world (using Chinese industrial fluoride wastes – silicofluoride chemicals contaminated with heavy metals and arsenic).

Fluoridation: a violation of medical ethics and human rights.

Cross DWCarton RJ.


Silicofluorides, widely used in water fluoridation, are unlicensed medicinal substances, administered to large populations without informed consent or supervision by a qualified medical practitioner. Fluoridation fails the test of reliability and specificity, and, lacking toxicity testing of silicofluorides, constitutes unlawful medical research. It is banned in most of Europe; European Union human rights legislation makes it illegal. Silicofluorides have never been submitted to the U.S. FDA for approval as medicines. The ethical validity of fluoridation policy does not stand up to scrutiny relative to the Nuremberg Code and other codes of medical ethics, including the Council of Europe’s Biomedical Convention of 1999. The police power of the State has been used in the United States to override health concerns, with the support of the courts, which have given deference to health authorities.

PMID: 12749628  [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

I have also attached for your reference a recent published Australian legal review regarding the ethics of fluoridation.

I believe that governments now should be re-considering their risk exposure regarding future litigation and fluoride poisoning.  Already in USA there is a class action in progress.  The UK is also in the throws of legal action to enforce upon the UK government the new EU ruling that fluoride is a medicine, and therefore must only be supplied in a labelled container and via prescription by a qualified medical practitioner.

Yours sincerely

Sandy S

Nerang QLD


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