Reminder: questions for the new Chief Health Officer of Victoria

GENRE: Email letter

TO: Dr Rosemarie Lester – Chief Health Officer – Victoria

TITLE: Reminder: questions for the new Chief Health Officer of Victoria

AUTHOR: Daniel Z

DATE SENT: Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 10:44 PM

STATUS: No response, as of 2nd January, 2013

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below.


FURTHER READING: The Case Against Fluoride (Connett, Beck, Micklem)(2010),
Bcc: Various lists

Dear Dr. Lester,

You have been quoted as saying, “my aim is to protect the public to the best of my ability,” and that you would “work hard to justify” the confidence shown in you, as someone responsible for public health.[1]

I wish to draw your attention to a set of questions,[2] which were posed to your predecessor, Dr. John Carnie,[3] on the issue of mandatory water fluoridation.

Dr. Carnie never answered these questions.

The authors who posed the questions would still like them answered – personally – by the Chief Health Officer of Victoria (which, obviously, is now you).
Furthermore, since the publication of the 2009 article that openly listed the questions, a book [ISBN: 9781603582872] has been published – ‘The Case Against Fluoride’ – Dr. Paul Connett, Dr. James Beck, and Dr. Spedding Micklem. According to a review by Professor Vyvyan Howard, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Ulster:

“The authors have produced a well-researched, cogently argued, and very readable text that summarises historical, political, ethical, toxicological, and epidemiological scientific data behind drinking water fluoridation… The text is approachable by non-scientists and specialists, although an extensive technical bibliography is provided for those who wish to delve deeper.”[4]

I implore you to obtain a copy, as I believe the work contains key arguments and information, which should be duly noted by any Victorian Health Department official. Reading the book will also assist you in fully appreciating the rationale behind the questions posed to Dr. Carnie in 2009.

If you do indeed decide to respond to the aforementioned questions, please direct your response to: Paul Connett, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Chemistry, St. Lawrence University.  Email:

I would also appreciate a personal notification, if and when you do so.

If you choose not to answer the questions, I would equally appreciate an explanation as to why not.






Daniel Z | Freelance Writer


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