Baillieu, sink teeth into fluoride research

GENRE: Letter to Sunraysia Daily (Mildura, Victoria)

TITLE: Baillieu, sink teeth into fluoride research

AUTHOR: Bette Schultz

STATUS: Published

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below.

LINK:  Dec. 3, 2012, 3:30am

TED Baillieu, you will see from the following that US and Canadian communities are voting to remove fluoride from their water.

We always seem to follow the US, and I hope in this case we do too.

Over the past couple of years you have had information sent to your office (whether you get to see it depending on your staff is, I believe, debatable) and it shows that fluoride introduced into water does not improve dental problems in Australia, but can be very harmful to our health, especially for people with diabetes, or thyroid, kidney or other health problems.

If fluoridation is the answer to dental problems, why have Tasmania and Western Australia been in dental crisis when they were among the first to be fluoridated more than 40 years ago?

Bob Brown twisted Julia Gillard’s arm to try to force a National Dental Scheme into Australia owing to the deplorable state of Tasmania’s teeth.

Considering the cost of fluoridation and perhaps a National Dental Scheme, it would appear we are double-dipping and spending on fluoridating our state is certainly a waste of our well-earned money.

I would really appreciate if your staff would bring the fluoridation matter to your attention and that you actually research it.

I have several websites to enable this, plus books and videos.

A graph formulated from the national Health Department  information proved Queensland’s dental health was no worse and in many instances better than the rest of the states, which were fluoridated (very little of Queensland is fluoridated).

Surely if Queensland can give individual councils a vote on fluoride you could do the same for Victoria.

I earnestly implore you to look into this matter – it is too late for me as I have just purchased a $3000 full-house filter – but I can assure you many constituents could not possibly afford this and therefore have to suffer the consequences.

Many years ago Weary Dunlop warned of the dangers of fluoride and several Medical Nobel Prize winners have said the same since.

Please think about this.

A very disappointed Liberal and National voter.

Bette Schulz,

Red Cliffs.


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