Sodium Fluoride Human Health Effects

 GENRE: Email letterTO: Minister for Health, John Spencer, Tory Shepherd, et al.AUTHOR: Darryl T

DATE SENT: Monday, March 28, 2011 1:38 AM

TITLE: Sodium Fluoride Human Health Effects

STATUS: Awaiting response

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below

Hello Comrades and friends
This email is for those SPIN Drs who still think that they can get away with saying that fluoride is a nutrient and that fluoride is safe and effective.
This document is from the “Hazardous Substances Data Bank, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD.”
Has anyone reviewed this paper or these papers yet, or are you hoping that no-one will find the paper/website?
Just “keep lying through your teeth, pun intended” and “just keep taking the money at your peril.”
As Murray Walker would say, Spin, Spin, Spin, your way out of this one.
Because the final countdown is approaching and just remember what happened to Hitler and his henchmen.
It didn’t end well, did it?
The public are gradually finding out what fluoride is really about and where it comes from and what you are doing to us.
And if you keep saying that “Fluoride is a Nutrient,” well, we’ll just come right back and tell/educate the public that, “Fluoride is much more toxic than Lead” and then the public will come to their senses, with “the real evidence which you cannot cover up with, SPIN/LIES/WEAK PATHETIC REVIEWS OF PEER-REVIEWS.”
Oh, and remember the NSW’s election just gone, “you will suffer the same consequences as the NSW Labor Party, one way or another.”
It’s all up to you and no-one but you/your actions can save yourself from political oblivion/historical shame and not to mention the human decency/humility of saying sorry, we made a mistake, that’s up for grabs.
Now that would be a “precedent in Politics to be honest for once and if not, bring on ICAC ASAP.
Or are you too gutless to do that because its obvious that you’ve got to much to hide.
One way or another, “ICAC will be introduced and the fluoridation supporters will be found out.”
And not to mention, with moron’s like Don Pegler, who is a fine specimen/representative of a parliamentarian in Australia, who takes the money and bugger the consequences for the people that you’re supposed to represent and then kick them while they’re down, with fluoride and abuse.
All I can say is, just wait for the next election, because no-one will give a F@#K about you and or the likes of you Comrade Pegler.
Does that ring a bell for you Comrade Pegler?
The public can speak your/parliamentarian vocabulary as well.
I’m sure that you will remember your conversation in Mt Gambier with Ann Bressington last year Comrade Pegler about you caring about fluoridation?
Just remember this Comrade Pegler and Co., what goes around, comes around.
You, work, for, us, we, do, not, work, for, you, do, you, understand?
I have written that last sentence as slow as I possibly could for you Minister Hell/Hill/Mine Fuhrer and Co., so that all of you who support fluoridation, could understand and to help let the penny drop one day.
In the not too distant future, I’m sure that someone will make a Data Base of all the politicians/medical people who have supported/support fluoridation, will be brought to account by the public.
Your time is Nigh, Comrades.

Darryl T


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