Proof that there’s no such thing as a democracy in Australia!!!!!

GENRE: Email letterTO: Minister for Health

AUTHOR: Darryl T

DATE SENT: Monday, March 21, 2011 8:16 PM

TITLE: Proof that there’s no such thing as a democracy in Australia!!!!!

STATUS: Awaiting response

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below

Bcc: Various lists
Hello Minister Hill 

Just more proof of a dictatorship in SA/Australia and its only getting worse each day the Governments/Health Dpts aren’t accountable for their actions. 

What ever happened with politicians being elected by the people and for the people and first do no harm with the Health Dpts. 

Where did those things go Minister? 

It just seems to me that any time fluoride is mentioned, the “Iron Curtain comes down along with the “Cone of Silence” and now its time to bring down that Wall/Cone of Silence” Minister Hill. 

Oh, you say that you can’t do that, the money you get for the fluoridation contracts and/or from the fluoride lobbyists is massive you say. 

Now I understand, Governments been bought and you’re not going to give that money away in a hurry are you. 

It’s all about the money and nothing about people’s health and well being, is it Minister Hill? 

You and all your cohourts, are the only people on earth who know really what’s going on and still say that fluoride is “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.” 

Well sleep well Minister, just as Hitler would have done in his time as the Fuhrer. 

Just so that you know Minister Hill, I have a mouth full of fillings, my elbow on my left arm is approximately 3 x’s the size of my right arm. 

I worked in aluminium foundries for 15 years, using 8 spoons of sodium fluoride in the morning in the release spray, and then in the afternoon, I topped up that fluoride and the release spray in the afternoon.
This release spray was used in combination with the fluoride, to help “treat the aluminium” and help get the casted material/mag wheel out of the die and protect the die as well. 

Every time that I sprayed the die and then when I poured the next wheel, I saw the aluminium change colour, from silver to grey. 

That is what is does to metal, just think what it’s doing to our bodies. 

The aluminium was heated to at least 720 degrees C, for it to be able to be poured into the dies. 

Also not to mention that in all the heat I was working in, I had to rehydrate much more than a normal person. 

Eg: one day, on a day of 40 degrees C plus outside, some bright spark brought in a thermometer, to see what the temp in our work place would get up to. 

It went up to 60 degrees C and the thermometer was still rising and we promptly told him to chuck the bloody thing away, because we didn’t want to know where it finished up. 

My brain/memory was effected by using/drinking the fluoride as well, surprise!!!! 

I was poisoned by fluoride at work, at home and at play, because anything to do with water, drinks, and/or food, fluoride will be in it. 

I was getting fluoride exposure from everywhere, just like I still am today and I could go on and on about my physical problems, but you don’t care, this isn’t happening to me or anybody else and I’m just making all this all up, aren’t I Minister Hill, because you know everything about fluoride, don’t you. 

Minister Hill, if you had any guts and/or brains, you’d talk to Emeritis Professor Paul Connett and/or have an open, and/or maybe a televised debate about fluoridation. 

I’m sure that the Professor would be happy to meet and debate you, but you, your another story aren’t Minister Hill, especially when it comes to meeting someone who knows all about fluoride. 

Your either like HOUDINI, or you say that fluoride is safe and effective and then don’t have to answer to any body because, I’m a Minister in government and I answer to no-one. 

Minister Hill, you’re the only person who can change the way that you’ll be perceived in history. 

We, the people of South Australia, are not paying you to poison us and don’t forget Minister Hill, you work for us, it’s not the other way around because, when the next election comes around, you’ll be on notice. 

You could either be perceived as Hitler like, or, as someone who actually cares about his fellow citizens and actually cares about the state of his fellow citizens health. 

What will your legacy be Minister Hill? 

The people of South Australia/Australia are watching and waiting. 

Kindest of regards 

Darry T 


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