Fluoride Compounds: Health effects

GENRE: Email letter

TO: Minister for Health

AUTHOR: Darryl T

DATE SENT: 10th Dec, 2010 at  2:46 PM

TITLE: Fluoride Compounds: Health effects

STATUS: Awaiting response

UPDATES: Any updates should be posted in the comments section below

From: Darryl T
To: MinisterforHealth@health.sa.gov.au
Bcc: Various lists
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 2:46 PM
Subject: Fluoride Compounds: Health effects

Hello Minister

I use to work in the aluminium industry for 20 years and of those 20 years I spent 15 years working in aluminium foundries.

I use to make mag wheels and other die cast aluminium products using fluoride every day to help with the die casting of the aluminium.

I now have been diagnosed with “chronic fatigue syndrome” and have not worked since 1993.

I lost my job, my house, my marriage and seeing my children every day because of fluoride, because I worked with it, drank it, ate it breathed it and bathed in it nearly every day for 15 years.

When I was working in the foundries I was like a robot and my cognative functions were very limited.

Fluoride knocks 5-10 points off the IQ.

I also had a bicycle accident on the way to work in 1985, and had 6 plastic surgeries on my face because of the accident.

After the 6th surgery, I felt like I was hit by a bus, my immune system was stuffed, arthritis coming out of my ears amongst many other symptoms and I have been like that ever since.

And as I’ve sent you a video in the past, of Dr Phyllis Mullenix PhD, saying that the symptoms of chronic fluoride toxicity syndrome, are the same as the chronic fatigue syndrome and if you’ve forgotten, I’m sending that video to you again, so that you have no excuse not seeing it.

I’ve since learned that some general anesthetics have fluoride in them, Sevoflurane is one of many anesthetics with fluoride in amongst many other pharmaceuticals and it seems that the last surgery was the last straw, that broke the camels back with me.

But before you watch that video Minister, the link below is from the “Australian Government’s Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities’ website,” and is for your perusal.

The site talks about fluoride compounds’ health effects on workers, in the industries using fluoride compounds, so you again can see how poisonous fluoride is.


Kind regards and keep eating and drinking that fluoride Minister, it does wonders for your health and for the wallets of the people who benefit from the fraud.

Darryl T


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