Re: Be afraid, there’s something lurking in the water (The Advertiser, 19.10.10)

GENRE: Email letter

TO: Tory Shepherd


DATE SENT: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 8:43 PM

TITLE: Re: Be afraid, there’s something lurking in the water (The Advertiser, 19.10.10)

STATUS: No response

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Ms Tory Shepherd
The Advertiser
Dear Tory,
You appear to have been beguiled by the word of the SA Dental Service Director Dr Martin Dooland who you say is ‘sounding clearly frustrated that the same old fairytales (about fluoridation) were doing the rounds again’.
You seem not to have listened to Adelaide’s Dr Andrew Harms – a former president of the Australian Dental Association in your state – who used to propagate the practice of water fluoridation in rural areas in SA. 
I quote Dr Harms, ‘Water fluoridation is an outdated and dangerous practice.  The systematic consequences are being recklessly overlooked in the name of preventive dentistry’
There is a mountain of referenced evidence attesting to the harmfulness of chronically ingesting fluoridated water and one need look no further than the article Fluoride, Teeth and the Atomic Bomb ( for proof of a conspiracy surrounding the introduction of water fluoridation.  This was based on declassified US Government documents and was the beginning of the award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson’s 10-year research which resulted in the publication of his meticulously-referenced book, The Fluoride Deception.  In The Fluoride Deception, Bryson expanded on the collusion between the US Government and fluoride-polluting industry that brought about the practice of water fluoridation that was first written about by Bryson and Joel Griffiths in Fluoride, Teeth and the Atomic Bomb.  A collusion to derail litigation against fluoride polluters. 
Journalistic integrity should prompt you to browse through the attached media release and note that despite Queensland being less than 5 per cent fluoridated when the (Australian) National Adult Oral Health Survey was conducted for 2004-2006, Queensland’s dental health was equal to that of every other Australian state and territory whose populations were 70 to 100 per cent fluoridated.
There is nothing like a dose of life-threatening illness to plant one’s feet firmly on the ground.  When Dr Harms was in that situation and took the time to do his fluoride research, his changed health status no doubt gave him the courage to speak the truth despite his dental association (ADA SA Branch) furiously preferring he remained silent.
No doubt this same dental association has applauded your published article but will it come to your aid if you or a member of your family suffer the consequences of chronically ingesting an accumulative poison that has been proven in US courts of law to cause cancer and other health effects?   

I could point you in the direction of many articles to support my assertion that fluoridated water is harmful but, instead, I beseech you to use this link to a letter by the US Attorney at Law Janie Evins in which she wrote: 

6) … In the early 1990’s, with trials of 11, 14 and 40 days to allow for extensive expert witness testimony, courts in Illinois, Texas and Pennsylvania each came to the same conclusion: fluoride at one part per million in the water, a) aggravates existing illnesses, b) causes adverse health effects, and c) contributes to a significant increase in cancer deaths.

Tory, like many, you are yet to become fertile soil in which the truth about fluoridation can take hold.  Please nurture that soil with valid research (Google ‘fluoride’) so it can blossom sooner rather than later.

Best wishes

Ailsa B
QLD  4741

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