Re; ‘Be Afraid’ fluoride comment by Tory Shepherd in The Advertiser (Adelaide) 19 October 2010

GENRE: Email letter

TO: Tory Shepherd, ‘Health Reporter’, Adelaide Now/The Advertiser


DATE SENT: 19 October 2010 19:15

TITLE: Re; ‘Be Afraid’ fluoride comment by Tory Shepherd in The Advertiser (Adelaide) 19 October 2010

STATUS: No response

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Bcc. Various lists

Attn:  News Limited editors  Re: this author know anything at all about what she is mouthing off about? “Fluoride itself comes in a range of forms and maybe some of those are toxic.” Really? Sounds like she’s done a fair bit of research (not). And her comment, “But it’s either in there or it’s not,” does nothing to address the ethical issue of forced medication that she rightly brought up. The rest is utter drivel made up on a late night with a couple of beers no doubt. Tory Shepherd didn’t even seem to know that fluoride is tasteless in water.  Of course people won’t notice a difference in taste. Jeez!  The ignorance of it all.

Dental health stats from 2006 showed DMFT (decayed missing or filled teeth) from all age groups were 13.1 in Qld (95% non-fluoridated) and 12.7 in SA (90% fluoridated). No statistical difference at all – despite 40 odd years of fluoridating SA.  And Tasmania was worse than Qld despite over 40 years of fluoridation.  Europe has woken up with 99% of Europe now fluoridation-free. They did their own studies and listened to the thousands of scientists, doctors, professors worldwide calling for the end to fluoridation because of its status as a ‘drug’ which accumulates over time, at certain levels becoming highly toxic, and there being no controls as to how much people consume or accumulate from water and the food supply.

Can you really make those claims and guarantees of safety to every single person in the community?  Can you promise that it won’t cause any cancer, thyroid problems, osteoporosis, hip fractures, renal failure, lowering of IQ, immune system disorders, digestion or metabolic dysfunction, diabetes or heart disease?  How do YOU know, when our senior scientists don’t even know and cannot give those guaranteMaes?  Would you stake your life on it?  Your children’s lives?

Fluoride is an S7 poison and has been shown to contribute to a wide range of health disorders because it is a known enzyme inhibitor.  That’s why it is such a good rat and roach poison. Of course, at lower doses they use it as a preservative adjunct in many pharmaceutical preparations… stops those bacterial enzymes…. Any enzymes!  But every cell in your body relies on enzymes to function properly from the brain to endocrine system, digestion, bone formation, energy production and more.  Everything in the human body relies on proper enzyme activity.  So now we are swallowing an insecticide – uncontrolled in quantity – in the water supply.  Most food is now also contaminated as a result.  You can’t even go out and have a cappuccino without it having been made with fluoridated water.  Most beverages (soft drinks, reconstituted juices, beers etc) are prepared with fluoridated water, but they don’t have to list it as an ingredient because, wait for it… THE MANUFACTURER DIDN’T ADD THE FLUORIDE.

So how much are we getting and retaining?  Do you know?  Does anyone know?  NO.  That’s the real fact:  NO ONE KNOWS.   This is shameful don’t you think?  What are your children consuming?  Is it good for their growing brains and developing immune systems?  This is what is at stake here.  Are you willing to make this kind of wager?  Money is easy to wager.  Money you can get back if you make a mistake.  But your health and those of your children can be permanently ruined – damaged forever.  How do you feel about that being on your head?  Well, you made the guarantee didn’t you?  You published this piece of disinformation.  But, ask yourself, at what cost to your readers and yourself?  At what cost to your children?  Is the advertising money really worth it?

Fluoride will also bind with magnesium and make it unavailable to the body.  Magnesium should be the mineral electrolyte sitting in the bone together with calcium to make bones hard, yet flexible.  Fluoride is an antagonist that competes with magnesium for the same cell receptor sites.  It takes the place of magnesium and makes the bones hard and brittle.  Hip fractures are more common in fluoridated areas.  When magnesium is low (which it is in Australian soils and foods particularly) then too much fluoride is accumulated causing toxicity and premature ageing.  When fluoride robs your magnesium it is cancer-promoting.Low magnesium has been proven to be carcinogenic because the DNA cannot repair its links without sufficient magnesium (University of Athens study published in Elsevier Critical Review in Oncology/Hematology 42 (2002) 79-91, authors J. Anastassopoulou and T. Theophanides).

May I suggest the author start getting an education here:

and  (UK is still flighting the fluoridation onslaught – one of the few countries that still fluoridate in the world.  Their prospects look good to be able eliminate this scourge because of their membership of the EU and the fact that the new EU ruling has classified fluoride as a medication… all medications needing to be sold in a labelled container/package and prescribed by a doctor.  How else can you control and monitor a drug and its side effects?)

Remember, up to date knowledge is best – then you don’t put your foot in mouth…

Yours sincerely

Sandy R


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