Balranald: Negative case not so overwhelming

GENRE: Letter

TITLE: Balranald: Negative case not so overwhelming

TO:  Sunraysia Daily, Mildura

AUTHOR: Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura (AFAM)

DATE PUBLISHED: November 21st, 2009

STATUS: Published in Sunraysia News; additionally, archived online at FAN (USA)


BALRANALD Shire Council general manager argues that it wasn’t surprising that those polled had voted “no”, because the information they had been presented with was all negative.

This statement borders on comical. Are you telling me that over a period of “more” than 12 months, as reported, the vigorously pro-fluoridation NSW Health, had no opportunity (besides a single information session) to present “positive” information to the community?

No mass booklet mail-outs? No press releases? No advertisements? No pro-fluoridation dentists quoted in local newspaper articles? No pro-fluoridation posters and NSW Health brochures in local dental clinics? No Internet access for residents to visit pro-fluoridation websites? No pro-fluoridation community members to letterbox-drop flyers?

If this extraordinary inaction on the part of NSW pro-fluoridationists is true, then perhaps we can lend them Dr. John Carnie (DHS, Victoria) for a while. In no time at all, Dr Carnie will have Balranald’s population believing in miracles. For example, that by some divine passage, industrial waste travels through a child’s bloodstream, through their organs, deposits in their bones, and damages their tooth-forming cells to cause dental fluorosis, but does not harm any other part of their body in the process.

Industrial S7 poison waste will become a “nutrient;” baseless letters from commercially compromised US professors will blast Osteosarcoma studies into non-existence; the York Review will go from highlighting a preponderance of poor quality evidence to being a bastion of pro-fluoridation safety and efficacy; the 500-plus page US National Research Council report will suddenly become “irrelevant” to Australia; debating scientific evidence with international experts will soon become “not in the public interest,” and more, and more, miracles galore?

Furthermore, I will not only offer Dr Carnie to the Balranald Shire Council as their new PR expert, but I will also take the local anti-fluoridationists off their hands – and redeploy them in Mildura to help us out; I’ll even appoint their leader President of the Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura.


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