Australian Safe Water Letter Archive: Any individuals dedicated to safe-water  issues in Australia, who want to archive their letters ie. those letters that have been sent to Australian political representatives, health agencies and others, by concerned citizens across the nation. These letters cover all safe-water advocacy issues, including mandatory water fluoridation, gas fracking and recycled water.

Letters of concern are often ignored or given ignorant or stock standard responses by those abusing their power of trust and authority, and are ultimately lost in real world and cyber trash bins.

Therefore, this archive should serve as a powerful public record to shame those who refuse to answer tough questions from informed members of the Australian community; they can no longer claim ignorance or claim they were not told of the dangers of the aforementioned issues, to the health of the public and the environment.

Letters to ANY Editor, either published or unpublished, are also accepted. If you have a sent letter that you wish to be publicly archived, please email it to: aswla.submissions@gmail.com  using the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

The beauty of this archive, is that a single link to this entire WordPress blog (or, to individual posts), can be posted to MP’s, Scientists, MD’s, Dentists, ADA, AMA, Government departments, etc; rather than many letters.

Thank you.

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